India has the 2rd largest startup ecosystem in the world; expected to witness YoY growth of 10-12%. with 20,000+ startups in India; around 4,750 of these are Technology Start-ups and they are the backbone of this Ecosystem. VoiceTech Start-ups are no less, Since India has witnessed cutting edge innovations by brilliant VoiceTech and Conversational AI Startups that have set a benchmark to the quality of Innovation and Technology Globally. We take pride at the VoiceTech Summit India to contribute to that growth by providing a platform for startups, innovators, Students and all passionate professionals to share their experience, develop their skills, Learn the latest and enhance their knowledge for a better tomorrow.


Investment in voice startups is now accelerating according to reports. Voice startups have raised $786m already this year, significantly exceeding the $581m raised in 2018. This rise in funding reflects a growing belief that voice technology will be transformative. The size of fundraisings has also increased markedly–with an average of $30m so far in 2019 versus $18m in 2018. This 60 minutes Session will invite 6 best innovators from speech technology universe to pitch their ideas to our partners and VCs. Each startup will get 10 mins to present their idea to the jury.


  • Meeting top notch potential business partners and innovator's.
  • An exclusive pitch at our high-level partner VCs.
  • Get the investment that you are looking for to expand your horizons.

The Innovator's Pitch at the Voice Tech Summit is the path-breaking competition for early stage startups in India. Bright entrepreneurs get the chance to present their innovative products and prototypes to a high-level jury and expert audience.

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How can you be strategic with voice technology?

“Voice technology is exciting and attractive, but how can you be strategic with it? Instead of jumping into designing and developing a voice application, it is crucial to build a foundational strategy for your voice application. Sina Kahen of will lead a workshop that will leave you confident (and certified!) in applying strategic principles to any voice project.”

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